Brewing Momentum

Brewhouse creates a peer-to-peer active network between scale-ups in the tech sector, that allows them to benefit from other scale-up experiences.

CLUB members can meet up in a relaxed, pleasant and familiar environment to exchange thoughts, inspire and strengthen each other. Entrepreneurial souls, their knowledge and experience form the breeding ground of the CLUB.

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Creating the Right Conditions

With the largest University of Belgium woven through its fabric, its location at the heart of Europe and its vibrant talent pool, Leuven is a breeding ground for entrepreneurship, sustainable growth & scale-ups.

Brewhouse CLUB acts as the line that connects the dots: fertilizing the breeding ground, selecting the perfect ingredients & creating the right climate to help brewer-entrepreneurs build out world-class enterprises in a technological universe.

Firing Up the Kettle

Our brew master stands ready for scale-ups and established companies looking to fuel momentum & overcome bottle neck challenges. These challenges will be linked with the rich experiences of CLUB members. This way the CLUB offers the possibilities to accelerate and magnify the positive impact on themselves and the rest of the world.

Brewing is an Art

Aside of the personal approach, the key ingredient we will look for is collaboration between you and other Brewhouse CLUB members to gain the traction you are looking for. Brewhouse. The CLUB to be to make the world scale up.

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